Artist: A Rocket to the Moon
Song: Ever Enough (Acoustic)

Right when I thought I was getting better with mid Orianna, i get beaten up 0/4/0 by a mid tryndamere. I hate it when people do AD Mid. I can beat up an ap yi mid or zed, but tryndamere??

I was never born a hero

I’m afraid to play ranked. Don’t wanna go back to Bronze 4

Australian weather.
Morning: HOLY SHIT its freezing.
Afternoon: Who the fuck set the earth on fire.

Revisiting my Tumblr Messages. lol memories


LoL Digi-Art Contest by ~Toffee-bar


LoL Digi-Art Contest by ~Toffee-bar

(via u-wanna-play-2-deactivated20130)

Artist: Tyler Ward
Song: The Way We Are
Album: Hello. Love. Heartbreak. - EP


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